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  1. Take surveys, share your opinions and choose your rewards. All with i-Say. We're an online survey rewards community celebrating the power of a voice.
  2. Рассылка «Что приготовить?» Кулинарные рецепты с пошаговыми фотографиями. Несколько раз в месяц вы будете получать самые интересные рецепты с нашего кулинарного сайта.
  3. Say unlocks the power of investor communications by working with broker-dealers to connect shareholders with the public companies they invest in.
  4. Jan 14,  · Say It! is an Android App aimed to help people with their English Pronunciation. Don't know how to say a word? Listen and record its pronunciation in both British and American English, and boost your Pronunciation with Say It! Everyday! Say It! will allow you to: LISTEN to the correct pronunciation of a word in Both American and British English; - RECORD your pronunciation and .
  5. We strive to make the car insurance process clear and simple by ditching the insurance jargon and giving you the information you need to be confident in your policy choice. So, wave goodbye to insurance worries and say hello to Say! Where we are: You can find us in Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, and Tennessee. Next up: Indiana!
  6. say definition: 1. to pronounce words or sounds, to express a thought, opinion, or suggestion, or to state a fact. Learn more.
  7. Jun 04,  · (transitive) To pronounce. Please say your name slowly and clearly.· (transitive) To recite. Martha, will you say the Pledge of Allegiance? , W. B. Maxwell, chapter 5, in The Mirror and the Lamp: Then everybody once more knelt, and soon the blessing was pronounced. The choir and the clergy trooped out slowly, [ ], down the nave to the western.
  8. say (sā) v. said (sĕd), say·ing, says (sĕz) ecesinnitopos.orswitunsirambiconmilithiliport.infoinfo 1. To utter aloud; pronounce: The children said, "Good morning." 2. To express in words: Say what's on your mind. 3. a. To state as an opinion or judgment; declare: I say let's eat out. b. To state as a determination of fact: It's hard to say who is right in this matter. c. To report or maintain.

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